Geriatric Foot Care


Many of our nation’s seniors participate in biking, running, walking, and other sports as well as regularly working out at the gym. With increased activities, it is important for seniors to recognize the need for proper foot care, because minor foot problems can easily be overlooked and develop into more serious ones.

Over time, unnoticed (or unrecognized) foot problems can lead to major foot health issues. As we age, gradual loss of sensation (neuropathy), diminishing natural cushioning of the bottom of the feet (fatty pad atrophy), arthritis or obesity (not allowing us to properly bend to cut toenails or towel dry between the toes after bathing), and vision (not allowing us to clearly see rashes, cuts, or small blisters) can lead to severe foot pathology.

Seniors with underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, impaired circulation, arthritis, or difficulty in ambulation require proper podiatric care. Even seniors who are active and young at heart should seek regular foot care to prevent potential foot problems.

Northwest Podiatry Center recommends yearly check-ups, with trimming of toenails, corns, and callouses. Many of these services are normally covered by your medical insurance. Routine foot care can also help to prevent ingrown toenails, nail fungus, blister or ulcer formation, and overall foot pain due to your increased activity. The doctors at Northwest Podiatry Center welcome questions about proper shoes for a specific activity, and if necessary, can fit you with custom orthotics (shoe inserts) to cushion and protect the feet.

Please contact the physicians at Northwest Podiatry Center, at any of our convenient locations for a podiatric evaluation regarding senior foot problems.

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