Wound Care


To better manage chronic wounds, the physicians of Northwest Podiatry Center have undergone specific training to obtain certification as wound care specialists. As a result, we are highly skilled in the treatment of acute, chronic, traumatic, and infected wounds. Care includes surgical intervention, debridement, offloading, and implementation of advanced wound care modalities including hyperbaric oxygen therapy and artificial skin grafts.

At your initial visit, our doctors will review your medical history in great detail and work with you to develop a personal wound care plan. Because every patient’s wound is unique, a thorough diagnostic exam will identify the type of wound you have and its underlying causes.

Care of chronic wounds typically requires weekly visits to document progress, review lab tests, and address your needs accordingly. We will work with your primary care physician, and when necessary, consult with specialists, including infectious disease doctors and vascular surgeons, to control medical comorbidities—such as diabetes—which may be impeding the healing process.

We offer wound care treatments at our various office locations as well as in two wound care centers at St. Joseph Hospital in Elgin and at Rush Copley Medical Center in Aurora. These centers provide the facilities, equipment, staffing, and other resources to further the healing of the most stubborn chronic wounds.

Please contact the physicians at Northwest Podiatry Center, at any of our convenient locations. We look forward to developing a personal wound care plan for you.

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